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Tim Douglass

Guitar, Piano, Studio Technology.

Music has been a part of Tim’s life since he can remember. Though he began playing classical and popular piano through his school years, he found his calling in the electric guitar just over 15 years ago. Now at the later side of his youth, Tim has specialised in rock, pop and blues playing, but remains continually fascinated by all things 6 (or 7!) strings, whether jazz, folk, punk or metal, plucked, strummed, fingerpicked or otherwise! As every teacher knows, the journey of learning music is never over, and Tim is looking forward to continuing to learn from both his students and colleagues at Hume Conservatorium.  

Tim graduated from the ANU School of Music in Canberra in 2015 and has been an active performer both solo and in a wide range of ensembles for the last 10 years. His experience includes playing in big bands, concert bands, small jazz ensembles, contemporary pop/rock outfits, folk and blues bands, punk, and good old pub covers bands.

While not shy about performing, Tim is most at home dressed in black at the back of the room behind the sound mixing desk, or in a windowless box full of flashing lights that some would recognise as a recording studio.

With eight years experience working in production both on stage and in the studio Tim has developed a theoretical and practical knowledge in all situations where music meets technology. Passionate about equipping young students with a broad skill set in a time where the professional musician must wear many hats and perform in many varying and challenging environments, Tim hopes to share his knowledge and enrich the performance culture of Hume Conservatorium.


As well as teaching at HumeCon, Tim is also currently the lead guitarist for singer-songwriter Cathy Diver, and works in the Canberra region as a freelance live sound engineer, recording engineer and producer.