Rock Con Studios @

Video Conferencing Centre

Thanks to the generosity of the NSW Dept. of Education, Rock Con is also home to our Video Conferencing facility which provides access to a wide range of music activities and lessons with experts from around the world. This can open up access to a wide range of teachers from other Regional Conservatoriums across NSW. For example, you might want to learn an instrument that we cannot provide at HumeCon. Via video conferencing, we can connect you up with a teacher in another Regional Conservatorium (or even interstate), so you can continue your musical journey! 


Recording in Rock Con.

Schools, community groups, professional musicians, students and regional ensembles are able to book our Rock Con Recording Studios and know that they will receive the best technical support and expertise possible. Using a Pro Tools HD Native recording platform, anyone can create and record their music to an extraordinarily high quality. You will receive advice and guidance as to the process involved in recording your work and we can even link you with HumeCon musicians to help your recording if necessary. Basic recording is free for HumeCon enrolled students!


 The HumeCon School of Contemporary Music and Technology

Rock Con is a new school of Contemporary Music and technology. It  features two recording studios, plus teaching and rehearsal spaces as part of Hume Conservatorium. We offer holiday courses and music technology courses - something for anyone interested in any form of modern music. We also offer courses and pathways to careers in the Music Industry. Contemporary styles are taught in the following instruments: acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass guitar. double bass,piano, keyboard, saxophone, voice, drums, trumpet, flute.

Evening courses are available in such diverse studies as:

  • Live Sound Engineering

  • Song Writing

  • Rock Band Program

  • Contemporary Ensembles

  • Individual Lessons

  • Music Industry Skills

Call the HumeCon Office today on 02 4821 8833 to enquire about booking the Rock Con Recording Studios.