Sing for Your Life!!

The GRC has a strong and inclusive choral program supported by a large vocal studies faculty. Our choirs recently participated in the Blackheath Choral Festival. This event takes place every two years and this year there were over 100 choirs participating! Think about that - over 100 choirs of all forms, shapes, ages and sizes. Like ours, some were community choirs, inclusive of everyone who wants to sing with others. Some were more specialized in either their music style and repertoire, or in their membership. In the end, it didn't matter - everyone was there to sing and to love it! Our choirs represented Goulburn brilliantly and are certainly building a reputation for positive, engaging performance and for presenting interesting, appealing and sometimes quirky repertoire. How wonderful for our town to be building a reputation as a place where singing happens. There are so many benefits to singing in a choir and it doesn't require any special skills, just an open-minded intention to give it a go, build your capacity and do as much as you can! However, these days a lot of research has been done in exploring and testing the range of benefits associated with singing in a choir. You might want to read this article:

So, get happy, get healthy and get active - join a choir today!

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