There is no doubt that we will all remember the COVID-19 Pandemic for the rest of our lives. Such worldwide events happen rarely and have such all-encompassing impact. Who would have imagined that by April 2020 we would not be able to gather, hug, hold or be near to each other. No travel, no sport, no concerts, no restaurants and so it goes on. A human race under pressure of restraint, coming to accept that we will have to learn to live with this virus for the foreseeable future and make any and all adjustments needed to keep it under control.

It does not sound like a lot of fun.

Yet, there is fun being had all over the world and much of it is involving musical activity! People have found that, with isolation comes inspiration! After living in our world, which goes by at rocket speed these days, the enforced slow-down has offered people the small but significant gift of time. Time to think and to plan. Time to remember and reflect. Time to appreciate and time to be thankful for all that we have. So often you hear people regretting that they didn’t take up an instrument at school or if they did, they let it go. Isolation has seen people digging their instruments out of dusty cupboards and giving them a new life. There is so much instruction available on streaming services these days that it is quite easy to get started again from your lounge or bedroom. However, to really develop it is always best to work with a qualified teacher. This is where live online portal programs have come into their own over recent months. From their homes, people are finding fantastic, qualified teachers offering 1:1 online live tuition and helping them rediscover their lost music.

Eventually, this period of restricted activity will end and we will all return to our lives. There will probably be a range of changes to the way we go about our business and perhaps the re-embracing of a lost instrument, or taking up a new instrument might be a part of it. And while we are talking about rediscovering your love of music, don’t forget that the Arts and Cultural industry has been absolutely decimated in Australia and around the world as a result of the COVID-19 lockdown. It is an absolute tragedy, so PLEASE support local and regional musicians and artists when you can! Go to gigs and concerts, buy their music, pick up some locally created art, see Australian cinema and theatre and get this critical industry back on its feet again!

There is plenty of INSPOLATION available to everyone!

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