Goodbye 2020, Hello 2021

There is always a sense of renewal, a feeling of fresh optimism and the promise of new opportunities as each new year comes around. The whole world was ready to see the back of 2020 - a year of such change and challenge that we all feel giddy from constantly pivoting! It would be great to believe that 2021 will be better, but in reality the best we can hope for is that it will be different and we will be better prepared. This time a year ago none of us had much of a clue about what lay just around the corner, but by the end of March we were up to our neck in it! Now, we know. Maybe some of you have a special space in your closet to keep your masks in - how weird would that have been 12 months ago? We have all become familiar with the antiseptic perfume of hand sanitiser and of course, everyone now knows what a QR code is! (There is one at the front entrance of HumeCon by the way.)

So on we march into 2021, hoping for the best but expecting things to continue pretty much as they have been until the whole world is vaccinated. Amongst the many and various repercussions of the COVID pandemic there has been much said about the terrible toll that has been visited upon the performing arts industry. Thousands and thousands of professional musicians lost ALL of their work for 2020 overnight. As 2021 continues the industry is crawling back some of what was lost but Australia - like the rest of the world - is suffering a arts deficit the likes of which we have never seen. From the HumeCon perspective, the whole staff and Executive team remained as much in a proactive space as possible, coming up with solutions, ideas and plans to adapt as circumstances changed. This continues. Our students were amazingly resilient and determined to keep the music in their lives and we were very proud of their determination and appreciated the support of the parents too. Of particular note were our heroic HSC students who fought their way through such a challenging year and achieved outstanding results!

So what next? Well, for now everything is back on except the choir program. We have plans and ideas being developed which will hopefully allow us to re-start our important choral program - more to come about that! Also, 2021 will see The Creative Precinct open and the inaugural delivery of the Hume Chamber Music festival remains on track for September!

So, thanks for staying with us! Keep up to date with all of our adventures through 2021 by following us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter and of course, check the website regularly! For our part, we will do all we can to keep on inspiring music and engaging minds! Happy New Year!

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