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Nyssa Milligan

A vocalist who performs in many genres, Nyssa Milligan has sung with Hans Zimmer, OneRepublic and for Screen Australia. As a Cabaret artist Nyssa has performed solo shows at Sydney’s Sideshow and Eastside Sydney Music Festivals. In 2019 Nyssa was a Sydney Cabaret Competition finalist and a Sydney Fringe Festival award nominee. In 2021 Nyssa was a Weekly Award Winner at the Adelaide Fringe Festival.

Nyssa graduated from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music in 2016. During her studies Nyssa was the recipient of the Diane Wishart and Estivo European Chamber Music Summer School scholarships.

Nyssa is also a children's entertainer and educator, who believes every child is a superstar.

Music with Nyssa Sparkles

Hume Con is excited to be partnering with Lucy Sparkles & Friends who provide music, dance and drama classes in Canberra, Queanbeyan and now Goulburn. Their classes employ both Kodály and Dalcroze principles. Whilst no two lessons are the same, they apply the same fun, thoughtful and tested structure to each weekly session in order to establish a comfortable and friendly environment for children. Nyssa Sparkles will be leading this fun Early Childhood Class for children aged 2 to 5 every Saturday morning at Hume Con!

Just Strum 

Music isn't all about hitting the right notes. Music lets us use our imaginations, be silly and have fun! And having fun is the best way to learn!  Just Strum is a program which will get everyone singing, dancing and discovering the power of silliness, all while learning basic ukulele skills. Just Strum focuses on building confidence and creativity through music.


Music and Theatre 

Add a dash of music with a splash of theatre and the result will always be dazzling! Music and Theatre is a program which will give participants the chance to sing their hearts out, act on stage, and develop their identity as performing artists. 

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Early Childhood Music