Regional In-Schools Music Program

Programs and workshops

Hume Conservatorium is active in our regional schools in a variety of ways. We provide fully facilitated, staffed and supported in-class music programs using recorders, stringed instruments and ukuleles. Qualified teachers work with schools on a weekly basis to ensure that students receive a sequential and programmed music educational experience. The in-class music program is supplemented by the provision of individual instrumental lessons, music ensembles as appropriate to each school and workshops tailored to the needs of the individual school. We support student performance experiences at the annual Opera House music events and in the GCOPS performance spectacular each year. Students undertaking individual tuition also receive a HumeCon Music Report at the completion of each semester.

All HumeCon Partner Schools are welcome to book spaces at the HumeCon Building at 160 Bourke Street, Goulburn if they wish to run special concerts or performance events. They also have discounted access to the excellent recording facilities in Rock Con. We are proud to partner with NSW Department of Education schools and other schools in our region to provide the best possible music education programs for regional students in the Southern Tablelands, Southern Highlands, Yass Valley and surrounding districts.

Does your school music program include:


  • Playing recorder at the Opera House?

  • Singing in the Sydney Town Hall?

  • A choir or band to entertain your school community?

  • A class playing ukuleles together?

  • Interactive workshops linking to class units of work?

  • Individual instrument lessons?

From whole class ukulele and recorder, to choirs and bands, a variety of one-off workshops and music PD for your generalist teachers, the HumeCon Regional In-Schools Music Program has something for everyone. All of our programs are hands-on, address the music syllabus outcomes, and are delivered into your school by qualified, specialist music teachers. Our ongoing programs ensure your students receive a consistent and high quality music education.


The HumeCon Regional In-Schools Music Program includes:

  • Class recorder, ukulele and percussion lessons

  • Singing and choral sessions

  • Bands and ensembles

  • Workshops – including Stomp and Instruments of the Orchestra

  • Violin lessons for small groups

  • Individual instrument lessons at your school

  • Music PD for generalist teachers

Being part of the In-Schools Music Program also gives you access to our other HumeCon programs and events, including our RockCon recording studios, performance opportunities at HumeCon in our in-schools concert series and workshops with visiting musicians.