2019 White Ribbon Walk

The annual  White Ribbon Walk against domestic violence is a very important event in the Hume Conservatorium calendar. Every year our choirs are pleased to take part. This year is no different. Please join us at 11am in Belmore Park. Feel free to sing along and support this important cause.

OPEN CALL - VIBESFEST 2020 Local Support Acts



If you are a solo artist, duo or band, we want to hear from you!

Applications close: Monday 9th December, 2019.

Notice of auditions – Wed 18th December.

For more information, download the info and application form below, or contact the Hume Con office.

Performance Practice Concerts!

Everybody gets nervous about performing - everybody! Yet, the act of getting up in front of people and speaking, or playing, or acting or dancing is a life skill that you can learn to improve over time. Our Performance Practice Concerts are designed to help young people hone their skills in performance, to learn about performance "conventions" (in other words, basic manners on the stage) including that most valuable skill - how to take a bow and look cool!! These concerts are not meant to be perfect and shiny, but more of a work in progress where we talk about performing, give practical and constructive advice and make the performance experience easier and more accessible for everyone! They happen every three weeks - so book in now! Check the calendar.

2020 Scholarship Auditions

Don't be afraid! Auditioning for a scholarship might seem daunting, but actually it is a very friendly and positive experience. Sometimes coming along and showing us what you can do is a wonderful growth experience - and at the end of it you might win support for your on-going musical studies! Our scholarship holders are ambassadors for Hume Conservatorium. We give them a year of wonderful opportunities and musical experiences and in return, they learn to host concerts, to perform in the community, to improve their understanding of music language and to create new work with friends! What could be more fun?!

Register NOW for an audition - it is all happening this weekend!

2019 Scholarship Holders Concert

We are very proud of our scholarship students! They enjoy a year of musical immersion where they gain a range of experiences and skills that will hopefully challenge their perceptions of music, inspire them to achieve and increase their enjoyment of what they do! The HumeCon Scholarship Students present two featured concerts every year and the second one (this one!) is always something of a revelation where we can see how far they have come and celebrate their achievements! 

Don't miss the final Scholarship Holders Concert - and we will be announcing the 2020 Scholarship Recipients as well!

Start: 6.30pm.

Entry by gold coin donation.

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