Hume Youth Orchestra coming soon

We’re busy planning an exciting new initiative for young musicians across our region, from Queanbeyan to Yass, Goulburn and everywhere in between! Announcing the formation of the Hume Youth Orchestra. Open to all young musicians who play strings, woodwind, brass or percussion instruments. Playing in an orchestra is exciting, fun and good for your brain. The Hume Youth Orchestra offers all of this and more!

If you’d like more information, register your interest on the Enrol Online page. We’ll be in touch once signup for the Orchestra starts in your area. 

In the meantime, check out this fabulous video our students created for the region’s first Online Youth Orchestra piece. 

Performance Practice Concerts! COVID-19 spaced!

Everybody gets nervous about performing - everybody! Yet, the act of getting up in front of people and speaking, or playing, or acting or dancing is a life skill that you can learn to improve over time. Our Performance Practice Concerts are designed to help young people hone their skills in performance, to learn about performance "conventions" (in other words, basic manners on the stage) including that most valuable skill - how to take a bow and look cool!! These concerts are not meant to be perfect and shiny, but more of a work in progress where we talk about performing, give practical and constructive advice and make the performance experience easier and more accessible for everyone! They happen every three weeks - so book in now! Check the calendar.

SWEET SUNDAY SOUNDS - Coming back soon!!

In 2020, HumeCon is bringing you a regular monthly musical chill-out session where you can come along on a Sunday afternoon and relax to the sounds of a wide variety of musical styles and performers. No stuffy formailty, just relax and enjoy music. Sometimes we will have an open masterclass, sometimes a musical discussion but always something to open the mind and heart! If it is warm, it will be in The Courtyard, if it is cool, it will be in the Recital Hall or The Creative Precinct. Check the dates below and pop them in your diary now!

March 1st           August 16th

April 19th,          September 27th

May 17th,           October 18th

June 28th            November 22nd

July 26th              December 6th.

Bruce Mathiske - Master Guitarist in Workshop and Concert! COMING IN OCTOBER!!


“The Authentic Guitar Virtuoso! “ – Sydney Morning Herald

World renowned guitar Virtuoso Bruce Mathiske captivates with his musically evocative celebration of this vibrant and diverse instrument. Inspired by classical styles and Latin flavours, rhythms and sounds, Mathiske's acclaimed and distinctive style pf playing bass, rhythm and melody simultaneously has led to standing ovations world wide. His use of the guitar to become  its own orchestra and encompass a huge range of genres have evolved into an exciting style all his own.

“Bruce Mathiske is an elegant and sophisticated composer and performer whose music centres in the classical tradition while opening its windows to breezes from all over the globe. Mathiske is no purist, he lets the music take him where it needs to go. And he rides those atmospheric rivers like a bird, graceful, joyous, and free!”

–Minor 7th (USA Guitar Magazine)

Mathiske’s status as one of the world’s finest acoustic string-benders was established when The Mathiske Suites led the guitarist go a stage further, presenting his works in an orchestral setting. The Mathiske Suites combines the guitarist’s technical acumen and lust for travel. While predominantly classical in structure, the music is coloured from a wide palette of global rhythms, with The Metropolitan Orchestra’s strings, allied to brass and woodwind, adding sonorous depth.

“The music is electric and exciting, marrying the sounds of the orchestra and guitar perfectly. These pieces are a wonderful addition to the limited Guitar/Orchestra repertoire!”– Sarah-Grace Williams, Artistic Director and Chief Conductor, The Metropolitan Orchestra

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