Ella Hunt

Voice Tutor

Ella Hunt is a vocalist, teacher and songwriter, active in a range of creative projects across NSW and the ACT.  Originally hailing from Tasmania, Ella has been surrounded by music for as long as she can remember, starting out on classical violin, before becoming enthralled with vocals, songwriting and contemporary composition. 


As a prolific contemporary performer and recording artist, Ella is passionate about equipping her students with the skills and experience to guide them through the world of contemporary musicianship.  She is no stranger to the stage, having shared it with the likes of Tim Rogers (You Am I), Julia Jacklin and Beth Orton.  She also received the National Live Music Awards’ ACT Live Voice of the Year for 2017 & 2018. 


Since 2018, Ella has been involved with the youth music education organisation, Girls Rock! and through this has developed her teaching craft and learnt from a number of luminary peers. Ella is a believer in finding the joys of music in even the smallest of creative actions, and is passionate about helping her students discover those little moments of magic for themselves, be it in practice, performance, arrangement or composition.