LittleKidsBigMusic @ HumeCon


LittleKidsBigMusic: PLAYDAY!

Fun & Active Holiday Program for 0-7 years old.

Part of Hume Conservatorium's Early Childhood Music Program, LittleKidsBigMusic "Playday" is an interactive musical event for babies through to preschool students. You can expect to play musical instruments, sing, interact with puppets and move to the music in this 45 minute jam packed holiday program.

All HumeCon Teachers are trained musicians usually with the ability to play multiple instruments and relate easily to young children. They also tend to bring something a little "extra, such as experience as a party fairy, or magician or puppeteer!

HumeCon's aim is to provide high quality early childhood music classes that are engaging, energetic and FUN! Come along to see just how fun and rewarding our programs are for students.

$5 per family. Bookings can be made my contacting our office 48218833 |


Brain Building for Babies and Toddlers!

Hume Conservatorium's Early Childhood Music Program, "LittleKidsBigMusic", is an interactive instrument-based program designed around the Early Years Learning Framework of play-based learning.

Each week, children are taken on a musical journey exploring the core concepts of music through musical games, singing, dancing, fun, puppet friends, and a wide range of musical instruments that are cycled through weekly.

Fresh ways of teaching solfege, pitch, rhythm and dynamic techniques all revolve around live music and play, which creates a fun and developmentally appropriate music program for the 0-7 year age group.

Costs: $10 per session. It is possible to book ten sessions at a time.